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About us

«Elena Vasylkova» company is a manufacturer of luxury wedding dresses, we offer a mutually beneficial cooperation to the owners of wedding fashion salons. The main priorities of our work include creation of exclusive wedding dresses, wearing which you customers will shine like diamonds at the wedding ceremony.

«Elena Vasylkova» is a new brand in the world of wedding fashion, in the long term we are planning to conquer the vast expanses of the wedding industry with our innovative approach. We realize that a high-quality wedding dress can only be made with expensive fabrics, so we purchase fabrics and accessories of a premium class, and handmade jewelry for manufacturing of our products.

Top fabrics and professional staff are the features essential for creation of wedding fashion masterpieces full of feminine elegance. We have both the features present in abundance. This is why wedding dresses in Chernivtsi meet all international standards. Our gowns can easily compete with any leading manufacturer.

It is relentless competition that makes us work hard for our customers to be able to complete their salons and boutiques with fashionable and high-quality wedding dresses. Wedding dresses in red tape have a huge success among the wholesalers, but we continue to move forward to new heights.

Partners of «Elena Vasylkova» company can regularly view the new collections wedding dresses on our online resource. After a simple registration, wholesale prices for our products will be available for viewing. We recommend following updates on our web site because we regularly release new collections.

We are constantly moving forward and honing our skills .Our designers and seamstresses always follow the latest trends in the wedding fashion world and reflect everything new and interesting in their masterpieces.

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If you have some questions about products, prices and other things, you can contact our company consultant by phone, skype, write an e-mail and find out everything that interests you. All the necessary information can be found on page Contacts.

We hope for fruitful cooperation and combined success in this hard work.

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