Elena Vasylkova
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     Wedding Fashion Stylist • Owner of Christinna's Bridal



  • California
    Representation of "California"


Wedding dresses wholesale from ElenaVasylkova in USA.

One of the priority tasks of the manufacturer of wedding dresses "ElenaVasylkova" is to provide its customers with the opportunity to receive products for sale in a timely manner. Given that our customers are situated on other continents, we have established a reliable transport logistics system, however delivery always requires additional financial costs and long waiting. Our online store is open 24 hours a day for you to order, but is it worth it if you can buy ready-made wedding dresses wholesale in the US at our company's regional office? In this case, you do not choose models by photos from our online catalog, but seeing with your own eyes what you get for sale. In addition, it makes you much easier to assess the real appearance and quality of products, to make sure that they are beautiful and have no defects.

Another advantage of buying wholesale from the RO is time saved on execution of your online order. This is very important, especially on the eve of the wedding season, when even a few days of waiting can affect the profitability of the salon. It is better to avoid risks and contact the regional representative office of ElenaVasylkova in the US. There is a huge assortment of ready-made products, so you will only have to choose and the order will be executed immediately.


All owners of salons and wholesale buyers have approximately the same requirements for wedding dresses. We value our reputation, therefore we adhere to international quality standards and follow the world fashion trends. And our employees are competent, experienced and creative people, true professionals in their field. As a result, wedding dresses by "ElenaVasylkova" are an up-to-date design, original style and surely high quality. They are ready to extend the range available in your salon and delight brides-to-be. If you have stereotypes about demand on the ready-made products, do not worry. We produce only modern wedding dresses, we regularly deliver fresh lots and new collections to our partners in different parts of the world.

The brand "ElenaVasylkova" is not only charming wedding outfits, but also luxury evening dresses wholesale. They are excellent options for graduates, bridesmaids and all women who will soon be attending a solemn event. Please contact our regional office or contact our consultants to learn details on cooperation with us or ask any questions.

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