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Classic wedding dress and modern fashion

An unshakable tradition is the image of the bride in a snow-white floor length wedding dress with a spectacular veil. As for shoes, the typical option is closed pumps, usually also white, or boots/high boots for cold seasons.

Hairstyle requires hair to be laconically gathered, possibly decorated with a hair clip. Make-up and manicure are to be maximally natural and contribute to the fullness and harmony of the appearance. This tradition is quite relevant nowadays. But fashion is constantly producing changes, offering non-standard solutions. Modern wedding image provides for not just modification of a traditional attire, but also its complete replacement.

Unusual wedding dress alternatives

A long puffy dress is the main attribute of a bride's classic attire. Lately it is replaced by a more convenient, but no less solemn A-line silhouette. Creative girls, following the fashion trends, choose the same creative godet, fishtail models, both short and with an asymmetrical length, and also cascade skirt. Select and buy brand wedding dresses 2018 fully embodying all the popular trends wholesale from our collections.

Designers offer fashionable alternatives for brides who choose to abandon the traditional dress. Thus, the most simple option is to choose an evening or cocktail dress instead of a wedding dress. Color can still remain white, but in general – be changed as the young lady wishes. A more original offer from designers is a stylish suit that consists of a skirt/dress pants and a jacket/blouse/top. It is almost perfect for those who gets married not for the first time, or older brides. Youthful overalls is a fashionable trend, but it is suitable only for slim and high brides. Pregnant ladies should pay attention to comfortable tunics. A cross functional and very very popular alternative for a wedding dress is an embroidered or national dress.

How can the traditional veil be replaced?

It so happened that the bride's head is covered with a veil, veiling or a scarf. Veil was at all times not just an obligatory attribute and part of the rite, in which the young bride dances among her unmarried friends, but also kept from evil glances. She also symbolized chastity, obedience and dependence on the future husband. Of course, most brides continue to follow this tradition, even not understanding it to the end. But recently there is a tendency to replace the classic veil with other accessories. The fashion of 2018 offers beautiful wraps-capes of different length and style. Girls who get married not for the first time can cover their heads with a veil, a hat, a ribbon. Much depends on the style of the wedding. For example, for weddings in nature it is advisable that the bride wear a wreath of wild flowers, and if it is a country style wedding – choose a hat. And it happens that the veil simply does not fit the general image. Consequently, many girls generally refuse this accessory for the benefit of a beautiful hairstyle and adornments. Chic tiaras, headbands, tiaras, boutonnieres, bandages that perfectly emphasize the hairstyle, are popular alternatives to veils. They have the right to be used, too.

As one can see, the traditional wedding dress has many modern alternatives. The choice is up to the bride.

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