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Collection Evening Dresses 2016

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Evening dresses 2016

The Evening Dresses 2016 by «Elena Vasylkova»

Regardless of age, such element of women's clothing as a dress had a special place in the wardrobe. Today everything remains the same, although the women can wear suits, trousers, overalls. They have a special attitude to dresses. Even if girls don’t plan to participate in any magnificent event, they will buy a beautiful evening dress or a few.

The Luxury Evening Dress 2016 by «Elena Vasylkova»

Dresses for special occasions are greatly influenced by fashion. The «Elena Vasylkova» company presents luxurious evening dresses 2016. Our designers offer to girls elegant floor length dresses. Everybody can buy a long dress, because the gorgeous selection of patterns and shades provides an opportunity find a special one. For those who prefer a loose model, we have created a spare dress, and fitting models to emphasize a perfect figure. As for color, the Ukrainian evening dresses 2016 by «Elena Vasylkova» represented in all bright colors: yellow, blue, green, blue, red, and classical black and white.