Elena Vasylkova

Fashion trends of evening dresses in 2016

Each woman and girl dreams to look in ideal way during their life. Everyone wants to put on only those clothes, which will look ideal on figure. In each lady’s life, there are many different important and festive moments, like family and great high events and celebrations too.

No matter, what kind of event will be held, each woman has to look on every kind of celebration completely ideal and fascinating. In this year, several Fashion Houses from all over the world offer us a great choice of different styles and designs of evening dresses, which will suitable for all occasions in life. 

Much bulky details

Many modelers in their new collections and fashion shows for season of 2016 have used many different expressive details, which emphasized colors and general dresses style. For example, bulky flowers, decorative butterflies and other types of decoration elements we can see on clothes of many famous Fashion Houses of all over the world. These details will attract attention of many people, because of 3D effect. Majority of modelers and couturiers use much bright colors for creating their clothes. They show their models colored in red, vinous, green and blue. 

Fashionable prints

Fabrics with bright paintings and original geometrical patterns always the most recognizable on many fashion shows of France and Italy.  In this season, dress cuts are rather simple, but they are emphasized by beautiful patterns on fabrics, which are used for crating of impressive and fascinating compositions. Dolce & Gabbana Fashion House has presented its unique sight for this bright and fashionable detail. Designers decided to use for their evening dresses collections different fabrics with patterns of child’s art.  

Dresses asymmetry

During spring and summer, evening dresses with asymmetric accessories and additions will be fashionable in current season. For example, one sleeve and open other arm will be very relevant for stylish women in this year. This type of evening dress will emphasize beautiful arms and give to woman’s image some inscrutability. Other models with areal and light sleeves in one side only, will be popular too for many women. This kind of sleeve will similar to butterfly’s wing and will look very tender. Asymmetry can be emphasized in the top or in the bottom part of evening dress.

Beautiful sea Mermaid

A dress style called “Marmaid” is very stylish and fashionable now not only in wedding dresses fashion, but also in fashion of evening dresses too. Skin-tight top of a dress and bell-bottomed skirt, which starts from knees-line, will make each woman very elegant, like a real cinema star in a red carpet strip. This dress will be the most suitable for those ladies, who have a good figure and fit hips after a season of many holidays and meals. This kind of evening dresses can be monotonous or can be decorated with different art insets. They also can have additional accessories with different ornaments and prints. 

Air plumes

In 2016 many modelers decided to use in their collections plumes again. They have decorated with plumes bottom part of skirts. In wedding dresses, this detail can cover all bottom part of a dress. It will make a bridal dress light, air and bright image will be very special. All dresses with air plumes will make an impressive effect, but a woman has to take care of such festive clothes. 

Ball dresses

There are not many admirers of traditional ball dresses, but in this year Fashion Houses decided return this type of evening dress to general fashion markets. It will be ideal for those women, who want to meet a prince with using of fluffy and beautiful evening dress. This kind of evening dresses with original prints and embroidery will not look old-fashioned, but it will give to each woman an image of romance. Evening dress of this style were often showed in collections of Oscar Aristides Renta, Zuhair Murad and Carolina Herrera.

While choosing of evening dress for some event, please choose a model not only stylish and fashionable, but also the most suitable for your figure. It will help you to impress everybody on event with your view and fashionable taste. You will emphasize all sides of your beauty.

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