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Wedding dress and bridal figure

Sometimes it happens, when wedding season starts, but future bride has not already chosen her wedding dress.

It is not right, because modern wedding salons are full of different interesting models of wedding dresses. They are produced with different tints of colors and styles of wedding fashion. 

All brides have to make the right choice depending on the type of their figures. There are four different forms, which can describe the structure and shape of the human body. They are: rectangle, apple, pear and hourglass. Depending on one of these kinds of bridal figures, each woman can choose the most suitable wedding dress, accessories, haircut and make-up for her future wedding image. 

Figures types and wedding dress

Certainly, each bride is unique and she has her personal tastes of fashion, desires and some kind of physical parameters. However, in case of knowing type of her figure it will be really easy to choose the most ideal model of wedding dress, because each kind of figure has different shapes, such as: 

  • Rectangle. Those people, who have such kind of figure are inclined to have thin shapes. They have the same size of shoulders, waist and hips. Therefore, mind that in most cases you will need to choose wedding dress with the small breast. It can be wedding dresses with corset, fluffy skirts and models of A-line. Tall women can choose for themselves different wedding dresses with low waist. 
  • Pear. In this case, woman with this figure type has narrow shoulders and wide hips. Therefore, this kind of figure has to be balanced, so each bride has to pay her attention on wedding dresses with decollates in a shape of triangle with shoulder straps and wide sleeves. All these elements will be able to make your shoulders more expressive. For bottom part of figure, please think about the bridal dress, which will be suitable for women with wide hips, which will hide the great volume of waist.  
  • Apple. In case of having such kind of figure you need to think about the wedding dresses for women with big breast, because it is the most expressive peculiarity of this figure type. This figure does not have expressed waist, but in many cases women have slim legs. Therefore, you need to accent everyone’s attention on breast, but hide waist’s defects in the same time. 
  • Hourglass. Women, who have such kind of figure can choose for themselves all kinds of wedding dresses, because their shapes are close to be really ideal. 

Please, consider all described recommendations, which are connected with your wedding dress shopping process. However, don’t forget that we offer different kinds of wedding dresses for pregnant brides, who will be suitable for you in the most important period of your life. Generally, we offer wedding dress models with high waist.  

After consideration of all important moments, each bride with each type of figure will look really fantastic at her wedding event.

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