Elena Vasylkova

Wedding dresses by couture

In most cases the presentation of the newest wedding dresses collections finish with appearing of a beautiful model in impressive dress, who walks on the scene with couturier.

However, nowadays designers often don’t use this rule of fashion, because of creating of a big number of real masterpieces, which are presented in their collections. 

Wedding dresses by couture are not only a kind of fashionable, modern dress, but they are real masterpieces, which are characterized by following things: 

  • Great number of things of dress’ model were made in hand-made way. 
  • Special kinds of textile materials were used. 
  • This kind of dress has the high price. 
  • It has some kind of original design.
  • This dress not only impressive, but it is really comfortable. All details of this dress were thought over. 

Dresses by couture are the real kind of masterpiece of fashion and in old times they were presented from mother to daughter. Some of them became exhibits in museums. 

What is interesting in “couture dresses”? 

Nowadays masterpieces of the famous couturiers differ from other ones, which are presented in museums and were made in previous centuries. However, modern dresses are special and much impressive too. For example, Christian Dior uses in his works doll-like style, with adding to design some kinds of expressive bows, lace and delicate elements. Designers of Dior Fashion House combine several styles in one model. For example, in Dior collection you will be able to find black embroidery on white skirt, some kinds of stylish folds on sleeves, which are used in women’s jackets. Such elements are included to wedding dress with wrap over. Elie Saab is faithful to their traditional style. This company creates dresses which are the most womanlike style. They are very refined and luxury. Some models are decorated with beautiful crystals and they are full of virgin’s purity and chastity.  All dresses by Elie Saab are really perfect and each dress can hide all defects of each girl. Modeler Zuhar Murad presents really royal kind of dresses. Dress models of this modeler are produced in single copy only, so the most demanding brides are really satisfied of his works.  

These are not all things that can be offered by designers of the modern wedding fashion. In each country, there are many talented designers, who create real masterpieces for young brides from all over the world. The most expressive example is Ukrainian designers of Elenavasilkova Company. Wedding dresses by this company are very popular even in many foreign countries, which are very far from Ukraine.

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