Elena Vasylkova

Сolored wedding dresses

A modern bride’s dress shouldn’t be only white. Fortunately, the latest fashion trends meet innovative ideas, styles, and images.

Although the historical facts speak otherwise. It turns out that bridal gowns were not always white, but quite the contrary, and only after the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, Princess Murat put on a white wedding outfit, girls began to marry in white dresses. This continued for centuries, and only democratic XXI century has brought to bridal fashion scarlet, purple, blue, and even black gowns for brides.

The advantages of colored wedding dresses

Besides being fashionable, colored wedding dresses look original, allows the bride to stand out in a registry office or in the Church. They also emphasize the individuality of girls the best way. First, there is the possibility to choose the color to the skin tone, hair and eye colors. If a bride is dark-eyed brunette, she is irresistible in red, yellow, orange outfit. A blonde will look amazing in blue dresses, champagne or steel colors. Secondly, buying a colored dress for a wedding, you can be sure it will not gather dust in the closet because you can wear it as an evening one.

Today, in almost every designer collection you can see a couple of original luxurious dresses for brides in ivory, pink, blue, pistachio colors. Along with soft pastels, you can find the combination of white with any bright shades.

The survey of colored wedding outfits will be incomplete if not to mention special style, the so-called Barbie doll that embodies a girl's dream of beauty, a successful marriage, and a happy carefree life.


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