Elena Vasylkova

New Collection of Wedding Dresses from Elena Vasylkova: Traditional and Innovative

Release of the next collection is a stimulus and inspiration for many designers. New collection of wedding dresses from ElenaVasylkova brand is the result of a long and laborious team work. Its assortment shows it belongs to the trends of modern fashion.

The models of wedding dresses, relevant in 2018, are featured by the setback from minimalism, the use of different types of decorations, as well as the emergence of original samples.

What Models do Make up the Collection?

This collection includes both classic outfits and bold modern variants. Romantic, puffy, flowing and multilayered skirts contrast with seductive tight and godet silhouettes. This year puffy wedding dresses, the beauty of which is simply amazing are quite popular. Wedding dresses with two skirts, in most cases, with a removable upper one, are particular interest and have success among the customers. But in the new collection not only a skirt, but a wrapping, and even an unusual train can be removed.

A variety of types of bodice (rectangular and triangular, heart-shaped, closed, round, bardot) allows one to choose wedding attire in such a way as to emphasize the dignity of figure. Untypical model is a wedding dress with an asymmetrical bodice, with one shoulder strap.

In contrast, there is a two-piece wedding dress, or, as it is also called, a crop top wedding dress.

As for the color palette, gentle shades of sky-blue, light pink, peach and the like are added to enliven the collection of the typical white color.

Regardless of the style, all wedding dresses have a common feature – each of them amazingly highlights the bride’s waist.

Elements of Wedding Corset Decoration

A tight corset became the field of application of various kinds of experiments. Here, the fabric base is harmoniously complemented by stunning embroidery, lace figured cut, large floral applications that simulate nude body in inserts and elements of luminous textures. Beaded details, button rows on the back, shiny belt accessories add brightness and uniqueness to the image. But the main feature of the wedding corset is an abundance of 3D and transparent appliqués, presented in our collection in a lot of variants.

Each wedding dress model symbolizes a different idea of a fashionable wedding image.

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