Elena Vasylkova

Fashionable Wedding Dresses by Couturiers

Modern girls feel no limits when choosing the darling wedding dress. Many manufacturers in all countries work on the embodiment of their dreams, providing the opportunity to choose the most original apparel.

Those who are dissatisfied may use services of designers and ateliers to create their own perfect image.

A special category is represented by wedding dresses from famous couturiers, they are able to please the most unpredictable brides and become their favorites. Excellent, unrepeatable, luxurious, they delight and conquer hearts.

Trends of Wedding Dresses from ElenaVasilkova

The team of ElenaVasilkova designers is working on creation of real masterpieces – elegant women’s dresses. Elegant haute couture wedding dresses have special success in the domestic market and abroad, their features are sophistication and single copy availability.

The variety of outfits for brides is a kaleidoscope of wedding fashion, moving away from minimalism and using creative solutions. The most beautiful wedding dresses from couturiers are represented by trendy models popular this year.

Brides with different tastes will be able to find a suitable outfit and meet their requirements. So, while brave girls should focus on wedding dresses with deep neck or leg cutouts, tender and shy ones better choose corset with false décolletage, sleeves. Glamorous brides would find, accordingly, glamorous haute couture wedding dresses with additional skirts, crop-tops, color prints added on the train. The old classics is diluted with new expressions, such as amazing neck and back decors, unique 3D effects, feathers, as well as accessories.

Each design model of a wedding dress embodies its creator, testifies to creator’s talent and reflects creator’s skill. Such outfits have been manufactured for a long time, require selected fabrics and ornaments. It’s no surprise that their cost exceeds the expectations of many. Taking into account that price offers for wedding dresses from famous couturiers (which are, for example, ElieSaab, ZuharMurad, VeraWang), as well as fashion houses Dior, Versace, Valentino are affordable for certain public, ElenaVasylkova wedding dresses is an amazing find for all the brides.


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