Elena Vasylkova

Can anything beat the classics?

Speaking of a wedding and imagining a bride, we always draw in our imagination a girl in a puffy white dress with a long veil or train.

Such a traditional outfit will never go out of fashion, but will forever be classics of the wedding genre.

And most brides prefer to wear this outfit on the most unforgettable day of their lives. But fashion does not stand still, with every year new tendencies and trends, dictated to us by famous designers, appear. And instead of conservative traditional style wedding dresses, brides more often pay attention to more revealing and original outfits.


Those who marry in 2018 should know what major changes occurred in the wedding fashion industry. Fashion designers in their collections highlight several main elements that are now at the peak of popularity:

  • capes instead of veils: elegant capes have become an alternative to the veil in 2018, they can be decorated with feathers, lace and embroidery, they can worthy replace traditional veils;
  • black details – a completely new idea of wedding dresses;
  • luxurious bow or rim in black will make the outfit unique;
  • closed neck: cute chokers (which are now very popular even for casual looks) or collars with a stand – in general, everything that can beautifully cover up a neck is this year especially relevant;
  • jewelry, as part of the outfit itself – sewn-in pearl beads, various precious chains or brooches will also become a luxurious part of wedding dresses.

In addition to these main accents, gloves that are a truly feminine detail of the wedding dress also become fashionable again. Even this year, small bows will be replaced by more fashionable huge catchy bows, which will certainly please extravagant brides.


Ukrainian brides can not worry about the fact that fashion in Ukraine is a little behind the world trends. Ukrainian designers and fashion couturiers also worked well and made their contribution to the wedding industry. You can buy the best wedding dresses in Ukraine wholesale and in retail. Really, why not buy the best wedding dresses wholesale, recently brides change their outfits several times during the wedding. This has also become a fashion trend. Considering that in 2018 jumpsuits – comfortable, but at the same time delicate and festive, – will become a popular wedding dress, they can be put on not only on a wedding day, but on any other celebration. So this is a win-win case.

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