Elena Vasylkova

Summer cocktail dresses – elegant choice of lightness and charm

Representatives of the gentle sex always dream to look worthily, amaze with beauty, especially at an official event, evening or office party.

A light cocktail dress is an ideal option to easily mesmerize a men at first date, flirt, visit a coffee shop or a theater.

Models can vary a lot – with long skirt, fitting, long and short ones. But, despite the style, all of them are common in their essential simplicity, simplicity of the created image, inspiring color range.

Summer cocktail dresses are richly presented in a wide range by the Ukrainian brand Elenavasylkova, which specializes in the manufacture of wedding, evening and children apparels for festive and other events. Designers and fashion designers of the company impress the fashion girls with own creations: everybody will be feel in them simply great!

Assortment of cocktail apparels: the art of transformation

Since the times of Coco Chanel this kind of dresses, of course, has been transformed, but its basic features remained. Considering all nuances, manufacturers are trying to make evening dresses fashionable and dressy.  For this reason they do not stop experimenting with designs and create new and quite bold images, especially popular of them are:

  • transformer dresses with removable or additional elements;
  • with asymmetric length;
  • coquettish godet dresses with all-available v-shaped cuts;
  • modernized classics.

Evening godet dresses by Elenavasylkova

They are additionally variously decorated: with embroidery, sequins, lace, volumetric details, crystals. Frank and restrained, chic and casual – any girl with any character can choose a dress on her spirit. At the same let's remember that there are accessories that beautifully complete the designed image. In this way, little bags, clutches, hats, gloves and shoes selected by tone will help to combine every detail into a composition. To wear a cocktail dress, you need to learn all the details to look really fascinating.

Best models for summer should be brand models!

Buy light dresses for evening dates wholesale on the official site of tm Elenavasylkova. New creative ideas as to design, high quality fabrics, bright colors and sophisticated decorations make every brand collection just stunning. Lovers of fashion from Ukraine and other countries have already set their heart on holiday and evening apparels made by this company. Become our partner and let the girls and women discover themselves in new images!


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