Elena Vasylkova
18 MAY

Apparels for ceremonial events and parties from Elena Vasylkova

Not only the choice of a wedding dress is a difficult task. It is equally difficult for girls to choose evening and prom dresses.The peak of customer’s activity in choosing outfits is spring months – when graduation evening in schools, graduation balls, and simply social events outdoors get closer.

In search of that unique and irresistible decoration, ladies scroll through many fashionable catalogs available on the Internet, look runway shows on youtube, visit dozens of boutiques and salons, or order custom tailoring. As a rule, this is an extreme option, as it sometimes drains purse. Also, such customized product can not be returned under a commodity check, even if the girl is dissatisfied with the result.

Therefore, a simple and reliable solution is to buy evening and prom dresses from the manufacturer. They are developed by designers taking into account the current fashion tendencies and trends, using a wide range of fabrics, various decoration and, of course, color schemes. And it does not matter, whether it is a catalog of an online store or of a boutique in a shopping center, the one that gives to a fashion lover exactly her cherished outfit is a winner.

Elenavasylkova.com is a place where entrepreneurs can buy evening and prom dresses wholesale. Our models will help not only to demonstrate femininity and splendor of the beauties dressed in them, but to make them the real queens of the celebration. But buying a large batch and count on instant high profits is not enough. One needs to know some simple rules, which can help each of visitors to choose the perfect evening or prom dress.


It's not about the color of the outfit, but about the hair shade, eyes color and skin tone of the girl. The season trend is bright, saturated colors, catching attention of others. And professional evening makeup will help to emphasize the original tone of the dress.


Evening and prom dresses of the coming season are notable for the absence of strict requirements to the type of cut. A-line dresses, trains, open shoulders, asymmetric sleeves... Everything is a trend. Stylists recommend that in choosing a product one relies on the particular girl body shape features.


Listening to advice of professionals is good, but it is also important to give clients the opportunity to verbalize their wishes regarding a dress for a solemn occasion. And buying evening and prom dresses wholesale is giving freedom of choice to customers. We in Elenavasylkova are ready to provide you with what is popular and in demand – the best prom and cocktail dresses. You will not regret the cooperation with us!