Elena Vasylkova
31 MAY

Unique designer wedding dresses 2018 by Elenavasylkova

Fashion podiums and weeks of High Fashion 2018 in New York and Paris have already demonstrated their latest fashions, trends and themes. Fashion designers did not forget about wedding dresses – they've already managed to set the tone for the season.

Elenavasylkova designers selected the best models from the world leaders of fashion in order to create unique designer wedding dresses, which we present to your attention.

Market offers

Boho style, or a combination of incompatible elements, has gone. Its extravagance, bordering with a slight insanity, does not inspire fashion designers, and the public is no longer surprised by too fanciful outfits. The demand for minimalism noticeably decreased. Classic, vintage, retro-style – gentle and feminine styles, emphasizing the natural female beauty – returned to be on top. 

Airy and light lines of mermaid, A-line dresses, flying puffy skirts, complemented with deep necklines are favorite designs in 2018. Unique wedding dresses by Elenavasylkova combine all these features. They will satisfy the brides who want to look luxurious and at ease on the wedding day. 

There are representatives of the gentle sex who adore the romanticism and adventurism of jazz of the 30-40's, and rock-n-roll of the 50's and 60's. Their tastes were also taken into account this season by fashion designers. Therefore, retro and vintage styles, organically mixed with classical solutions are no less popular. Flying midi-skirts, tying corsets, pastel colors, alternatives to a the traditional veil in the form of a wrap is what vividly says about wedding dresses from this category.

Trend-setters did not leave sensitive and romantic persons without attention. To create a gentle and innocent wedding image, the catalog of Elenavasylkova offers designer wedding dresses with floral patterns. Amazing floral ornaments can be placed on corsets, dress bottoms, veils, in the form of lace strips, appliqués, belts... Noble and vulnerable flower buds declare the purity of intentions of the one who is in the elegant wedding dress.

The best business decision

And this is not the end of the season top chart. In order to embody dreams of brides about perfect wedding dresses, we offer to purchase a lot of exclusive outfits wholesale for your salon or boutique. You can be sure that the order will be executed as soon as possible without loss of quality. After all, high-class seamstresses are our pride: it is thanks to their talented hands that unique wedding dresses developed by our fashion designers appear. A huge range of products, affordable prices, a system of discounts and bonuses, fast delivery within Ukraine and to the neighboring countries – all these are waiting for you on our website!