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Spring Wedding Dresses: Fashion Trends 2018

Spring wedding season is right around the corner. And many future brides are already in search of dresses of their dreams.

In their turn, wedding boutiques have already took care of the relevance and variety of the assortment to please girls with various preferences, while one choose corsets, others tend to meet modern trends and choose the most stylish wedding dresses of this spring.

How do you think they look like? Dressy or more casual? Puffy or fitting the silhouette? Minimalistic or with a sophisticated design? Fashionable wedding dresses of spring-2018 are noticeable both for reviving the traditions, and for a peculiar design.

Spring wedding dress fashion trends

Fashion is a very relative term. These are most likely common advice from wedding professionals about what kind of outfit to choose for the wedding, and how to make the image of the bride stylish and magnificent.

Famous designers recommend brides to chose during the spring wedding season of this year:

  • Fairy "princess" dresses with a weightless tulle skirt.
  • A-line silhouette with a puffy skirt bottom, decorated with drapery, flounces, ruffles, layers.
  • Coquettish godet and "mermaid" silhouettes with a skirt tightly fitting the hips and having a flared bottom.
  • Original fit models with a front cut.
  • Wedding dresses for spring from flying, transparent and shining fabrics (silk, satin, organza)
  • Dresses with vintage laceworks with antique patterns in modern interpretation.

Wedding dresses of spring 2018 have special design features as for their tops which are offered as:

  • Corsetless top.
  • Deep V-neck decollate, often covered with a transparent insert.
  • Nude shoulder area, neckline and lowered shoulder straps, bustier.
  • Slightly flared and puffy sleeves.
  • Fitted sleeves of different length made of lace.
  • Wide belts and bows adorning the waist, the back.
  • Adornments in the form of basques (frills).

Ideas that break canons and stereotypes about the traditional wedding image are now among fashion innovations. Designers offer:

  • Repalce veils with light translucent wraps and capes.
  • Choose wedding skirt or pants suit, overalls instead of a typical one-piece dress.
  • Wedding dress may be not traditionally white but completely black or have accessories of this color.

Following the fashionable "advice" of leading designers, each manufacturer of wedding clothes creates its original pieces. You can also take care of your assortment by timely purchasing designer wedding dresses for spring-2018 wholesale from the manufacturer "Elena Vasylkova".

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