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Collection 2017-2018

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Wedding dresses 2017-2018

Exclusive Collection from ElenaVasylkova Designers

Beneath the gaze of all guests present each young lady must look stunning on her most beautiful, romantic and touching days in life, namely the wedding. Fashionable wedding dresses from ElenaVasylkova designers presented in the 2017-2018 collection can provide a really awesome look.

This exclusive collection includes not only classic white outfits for the brides who adhere to long-established customs and traditions, but also those of various colors. After all, white does not fit each lady, so our designers decided to focus on pastel shades. Romantic persons may appreciate cream models, and a weightless and mysterious image can be created by an outfit of a recently fashionable serenity color, which is associated with the stillness of the endless sky or sea. As for the lineup, fashionable wedding dresses from talented ElenaVasylkova designers suit ladies with different body figures.